The Oz Curtain

EBQ Reveals Oz Curtain

The Oz Curtain is a term that we use to describe the way most lead generation firms operate. All of the activity takes place behind a curtain and the customer is asked to pay attention only to the results. The customer has no idea what is going on. Who is calling on the account? Who is taking the brand to the market? What is in the lead generation pipeline? What accounts are being nurtured? What accounts are maturing? What is coming down the road? What is being learned from the numerous conversations that are occurring? Instead of a glimpse behind the curtain, you get an automated lead with no notice.

The Oz Curtain does not exist at EBQ

We know that transparency is critical, so we show our pipelines. We want our customers to understand what is coming down the road so they can make sure we are moving in the right direction. We have a professional team in place and we encourage our clients to meet them and know them. They are taking your product to the market. We also want to be transparent about the conversations that we are having with your prospects. We will tell you what we are saying and we will share what we learn from those conversations. We can learn a lot from your feedback, and you can learn a lot from your customers’ feedback. Those three things create success at EBQ and keep us in front of the Oz Curtain.