Outsourcing Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid

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Outsourcing Lead generation mistakes are difficult to avoid, especially for a technology company. You must be proficient at lead generation to be successful at it, and lead generation simply is not a competency for most technology companies. Technology companies are skilled in the services and products they offer. That is what they focus on and that is why they are good at what they do.

There are three big mistakes technology companies must avoid.

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  • The first mistake is not hiring demand generation representatives. Often, technology companies hire enterprise sales representatives and expect them to do cold calls. This is just not going to happen.
  • The second mistake is hiring demand generation representatives, but then putting them on an island. Companies hire and have every good intention to train and manage a demand generation representative, but that employee soon finds himself in a cubical in a remote part of the office without coaching or interaction. That representative is bound to fail.
  • The third mistake is hiring a call center. Technology firms are in a dynamic market, and making sales requires an intelligent, authentic conversation. Call centers rely on scripts and predictive dials. Successful lead generation for technology companies requires professionals who can have peer to peer conversations and are able to answer questions about product knowledge.