Outsourced Lead Generation with EBQ

Outsourced Lead Generation

EBQ are the experts in outsourced lead generation for business to business. Every company is looking for the quickest path to revenue. At its simplest, the idea is to travel a straight line to success, avoiding any obstacles or challenges that may be in your way. But inevitably, challenges will arise and obstacles will appear. You can’t be ready for everything, but there are those hurdles that can be easily avoided- with an outsourced Lead Generation department. Here’s a brief list of the biggest benefits to outsourcing lead generation with EBQ.

Protection Against Turnover with the “Department Mentality”

A diligent recruiting process uncovers talented individuals that you train to understand your product and your services… and then they leave. Unfortunately, that leads to a “rinse and repeat” process that continually delivers setbacks. Hiring an outsourced team, such as those provided by EBQ, eliminates this problem entirely. With our “department” structure, not only are you not sacrificing internal resources needed to train and employ a lead generation staff but you never have to worry about losing those resources and having to start the hiring process all over again. You get a team of knowledgeable professionals assigned to your project and with our built-in management layer, you get the peace of mind knowing that your lead generation department will always be self-sustaining.

A Robust Outbound Strategy

The truth is that most companies rely solely on marketing to generate demand through inbound traffic. Inbound traffic is great for giving you brand exposure and awareness, but that rarely drives sales to the bottom line. And while an inbound-only strategy may suffice for a while, the fact is that it can’t last forever and the only way to sustain any momentum is to aggressively pursue outbound lead generation tactics. An outsourced lead generation team can serve to supplement any existing inbound effort, but it can also expand far beyond that. For example, EBQuickstart lead generation departments are routinely employed to follow-up on out clients’ marketing qualified leads (MQLs) while also mounting a separate campaign directed at cold prospects. It’s this type of two-pronged approach that drives revenue and builds a valuable pipeline.

Skilled Professionals Capable of Real Conversations

“Lead generation” tends to conjure the image of a vast call center, crammed with drones on headsets, repeating the same script to anyone who answers the phone. EBQuickstart breaks that mold with a focus on extensively educating our specialists on the product or service they will be representing. This ongoing training allows the professionals calling on your project to engage in conversations with your prospects. We locate the decision maker, discuss their pains and interest drivers and position our clients’ product or service as a solution to the prospect’s needs. This results in qualified, valuable meetings for your sales reps as well as real-time feedback into your target market and how it is responding to your offering.

There are obviously numerous advantages to opting for an outsourced lead generation cold calling solution, but these are the big ones. It’s these types of benefits that truly can make or break your company’s outbound efforts. At EBQuickstart, our business is your success. Our goal is to make sure that you exceed yours.

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