EBQ Appointment Setting

Here’s what we know about appointment setting

New to Lead Generation? Check out our Ultimate Guide to B2B Appointment Setting.

Lead Generation is the marketing process of grabbing interest in a product or service in order to establish a sales pipeline. Lead generation often uses digital channels and has been advanced considerably in recent years. Primarily due to the boost of modern online and social techniques. The flood of information available online has led to the rise of the “self-directed consumer”. This has created the development of new techniques to establish and qualify likely leads before passing them onto the sales team.


Discovery Call Questions

We use discovery questions like these early in our sales cycle to learn information about our prospect’s environment. This gives us context into their work life and their company while keeping the conversation interesting and natural. 


Lead Qualification Criteria, Process, and Tools

You need an efficient lead qualification system that explains precisely where every lead is in the sales lifecycle. This is where a modern lead qualification system comes in.


Cold Calling Best Practices

You need to understand your industry, how your persona thinks, and where’s their pain. We’ve put together a list of our ten proven best practices, which we call EBClosing, to help your team become more effective SDRs


Best Cold Calling Scripts for Software Sales

Cold calling scripts are a crucial component of your lead generation efforts. They point your SDR team in the right direction, allowing for personalization and elaboration while steering the conversation towards setting a meeting.


How to Use Sales Development for Market Validation

If done effectively, a successful sales development outreach will improve your messaging and your targeting while acquiring real-time market data. Sales Development Reps are perfect for testing the waters of a new market.


How to Get Past Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers are employees within a company that screen calls to protect the time of their colleagues. It’s not a formal title; it’s a role commonly performed by receptionists and administrative assistants, but almost anyone in a company could be a gatekeeper.


Ultimate Guide to B2B Appointment Setting

Your sales team may struggle with receiving leads that are marketing-qualified but not sales-qualified. They are spending a majority of their time on top of the funnel prospects when they should be focused on nurturing and closing deals. This is where b2b appointment setting comes in.

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