Increase B2B Leads with EBQ

Regardless of what industry you’re in, lead generation will always be important to any business.  At some point, the need to increase prospects surfaces, and you’re left thinking “How?!?!”  These ideas are simple and easy to implement:

Increase your B2B Leads with EBQ

Public Relations

Maintaining public relations (PR) is an easy (and typically free) means to get your name in front of other businesses.  Generate a press kit that includes a pitch letter, press release, tip sheet, and usable interview questions with your CEO and/or top producers.  Investigate which publications your clients read, and pitch your story to those media outlets.  Make sure and craft unique pitch letters for each news source in order to increase the possibility of being published.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is the single most effective way to contact new and existing clients.  Nothing is more intimate than a document created by your business and directly read by your clients, either by e-mail or by generic mail.  Launch a specialized e-mail marketing campaign that will inspire new and old clients to get in contact with you.

Create Teams that Work

By creating separate social media and marketing teams your business will have the advantage of connecting with clients through all mediums—e-mail, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Require that teams meet regularly to ensure the establishment of consistent marketing messages that attract new customers and encourage existing customers to continue utilizing your services.

Use Your Web Traffic

Having a website is great, but what is far more important is your understanding of how your website provides statistical insight regarding your current customer base.  Create a database within your website in which users log-in so you can build an e-mail marketing list with potential customers’ e-mails.  Install analytics on your website so you can get an idea of how many customers are coming to your site, how long they are staying, and what page made them want to leave the site.

Trade Shows

Tradeshows allow you to show off what you know in-person and within your industry, not to mention you have an active audience that has paid to be at the trade show to find new services.  By participating in trade shows, clients recognize that you proactively care about your products, and therefore are more persuaded to do business with you.

These simple, strategic steps can dramatically help in your search for more business-to-business leads.  By integrating PR, direct mail, an increased web presence, and tradeshows your business will generate so many prospects that you’ll have to organize another team just to take care of the warm leads.