Finding the Causes of Revenue Peaks

Revenue Peaks in the sales pipeline are age-old problems in sales with substantial, far-reaching consequences. Lost revenue, being forced to negotiate for sub-standard deals, leaving money on the table and missing quarterly review numbers are just some of the detrimental impacts these pipeline peaks and valleys cause. So how do these peaks and valleys develop?

At EBQuickstart, we have identified three main causes of revenue peaks and valleys. The first problem is that the very top of the sales funnel is overlooked. There is a deficiency in at-bat appointments for sales representatives to find qualified, close-able opportunities. The second issue is that the sales professionals working the prospects in the pipeline often have marked skill deficiencies. Without coaching, these deficiencies lead to stuck opportunities and lost revenue. Lastly, pipeline peaks and valleys can be a sign of an imbalanced pipeline where sales representatives do not have the ability to work enough opportunities.

EBQ Increases Revenue for B2B

EBQuickstart solves all of those problems. First, we focus heavily on lead generation as a specialty. This unique approach enables your sales representatives to have guaranteed, consistent access to a calculated number of at-bats every single month, providing a sales funnel that is wide enough to attain the revenue goals you’re looking to meet. Second, we provide coaching help through our own expert sales representatives. Every week we hold opportunity reviews and reinforce our value selling methodology. This allows us to always be prepared to coach individual sales representatives in their own individual skill deficiencies. We don’t stop there, though. We continually brainstorm with sales reps above and beyond those areas of deficiency to help them find ways to take each deal to the next step in the sales cycle. Third, we provide direct support in smoothing out an imbalanced pipeline. EBQuickstart’s tested set of best practices ensures that every single item that goes into the lead bucket is touched at least every thirty days. Additionally, we continually make sure that deals are moving forward or we notify the individual sales reps that we are preparing to close their file. For these reasons, the customers of EBQuickstart can rely on a consistent stream of revenue each month unperturbed by costly pipeline peaks and valleys.