Email Automation is the New Sales Call (via Salesforce)

Email Automation with EBQ

Moving away from expensive sales calls and onto email marketing, the time is now to increase revenue. Online interactions continue to impact the way we do business — and as we move more of ourselves online, we are also moving away from human interaction. With mobile phones, tablets, cloud technology, and apps, we have access to information and customers wherever we are. And for the most part, technology has improved traditional business practices.

Sales, the oldest business practice, isn’t exempt to the impact that the Internet of Things has had on the industry; it’s completely changed the way we sell and do business in today’s world. Even in our world of apps and iPads, an integral part of sales is building a relationship with your prospect. The ways in which we build that relationship, however, has shifted dramatically.

Instead of spending 45 minutes making a pitch to a potential customer, we can send an email to thousands of prospects with just a few clicks. This makes it possible to contact more people at a faster rate, which has led many of us to start substituting something personal (such as a phone call) for something that is more efficient in the short term.

Technology has made some parts of the sales process easier, enabling us to close a sale without ever seeing a prospect’s face, or talking to them over the phone. But are we selling ourselves short? Are we forgetting the most effective way to make a real connection and close a prospect: human interaction?

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