EBQuickstart and Transparency

The sad truth is that all companies can reasonably expect from most lead generation cold calling companies is appointments on the calendars of their sales representatives. For the most part, there tends to be no insight provided into how the appointment was set, where it came from or what message exchange generated it. The only information that is provided is that there is an appointment on a certain date with a certain individual. We refer to this practice as the “Oz Curtain.”

The problem with this approach is that the client has absolutely no context with which to view the meeting. The sales representative doesn’t have the history of the conversation, nor do they know how the individual was selected or why he agreed to that particular appointment. Obviously, this creates problems. It makes a huge difference to the sales rep and the prospect whether the meeting is supposed to be a cursory introduction or a deep dive discussion with a clearly articulated need delivered by a key decision maker. In these situations, context is everything.

EBQuickstart approaches lead generation without the severely flawed “Oz Curtain.” We believe transparency is absolutely critical to our customers’ success.  We always work directly out of our clients’ CRMs.  We provide full and complete visibility into the sales pipeline, the areas we’re working on, potential clients we’re nurturing, and the messaging we’re delivering to each individual prospect.  This gives our clients full control and ensures their brand is properly represented and protected.  Most importantly, we utilize a direct feedback loop with our clients, guaranteeing a constant increase in quality results. And for each meeting we set, we draft a comprehensive “lead summary” that details the initial conversation with the prospect, their background and interest, and exactly what they are expecting when they speak to a sales representative.

With regards to our processes, EBQuickstart provides complete transparency for our clients. This allows our customers to communicate in the same unified language with our representatives, ensuring everyone is on the same page at all times. As far as the prospects are concerned, there should be no difference between our lead generation specialists and your company’s salespeople. We are simply an extension, one that retains your branding and messaging. Our mentality is that we are not simply a vendor, we are a partner working with you to exceed your goals. 

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