EBQ Transparency in the Lead Generation Process

EBQ Transparency is critical to the demand generation process, and many companies will say that they have transparency.  But, there are two decidedly different views of exactly what transparency means. One view is held by a group that we call the wishful thinkers.  These people lack a formal process and meaningful documentation.  These people know they’ve had good interactions with prospects and have further steps to take.  However, they lack direction and a way to properly document the process.  They don’t see the big picture, don’t know which customers are or aren’t interested, and can’t ensure that they are on the track to success.  These claims of transparency hurt the clients they work for as the client never has any real idea where the lead generators are in the sales process and how far they are advancing opportunities.

By contrast, the other group has a clear process and documents everything, sometimes using a CRM program like Salesforce.com.  The people in this group have a series of qualifiers and can prospect their opportunities on a granular level and can forecast their success rates accurately.  The information is logged, reports are generated, and pipelines are created. It is easy for the lead generators and the clients to use these tools to predict when sales will close and when opportunities will become revenue.

Transparent pipelines offer essential information on which prospects are interested, but also deliver a secondary level of information.  They tell us why prospects are interested. Knowing what makes a good candidate allows for sales teams to know the proper course for success and find more prospects like them.  They learn from their successes to create more successes.  This focus keeps sales representatives from wasting time selling to companies that are not interested. Similar companies in similar circumstances can be eliminated as prospects if that data is logged into a system and shared.  Sales teams can quickly correct the course and reach the right people.

EBQuickstart offers complete sales pipeline transparency with two critical components: communication and continuous improvement.  Representatives at EBQuickstart are available at all times of the day by phone and email to respond to issues as they come up.  Urgent needs from prospects or requests for information are handled immediately.  Being open to direct communication between our clients and our in-house teams allows us to deliver results for our clients in a timely, effective manner.  The sales leaders at EBQuickstart meet with clients once a week to discuss areas of improvement. This interaction is extremely important to us and to our success.  These meetings allow us to improve projects and uncover the secondary type of transparency, why a prospect is interested or why not.  This additional level of feedback allows us to change course as needed to ensure success.  The daily communication and weekly improvement meetings are essential components of EBQuickstart’s lead generation process and are key to pipeline transparency.