EBQ Acquires Technology Reseller TechVAR

EBQ Acquires Technology Reseller TechVAR

EBQ TechVAR Acquisition
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EBQ, an Austin, Texas-based sales and marketing company, announced its acquisition of technology reseller TechVAR today.

With the addition of TechVAR’s services, EBQ will be able to strengthen its existing services designed to help clients scale with support for customers’ technology needs.

Acquiring TechVAR is a perfect fit for EBQ because it enables us to consult clients not only on their customer acquisition goals but also meet the technology needs of their company and employees as their organization grows.

Tim Edwards CEO of EBQ

Services added to EBQ post-acquisition include TechVAR’s technology adoption advisory services, including solutions for cybersecurity, unified communications, network management, and more.

The TechVAR acquisition brings a partner portfolio comprising hundreds of leading technology providers. Customers can now come to EBQ to consult with technology advisors who understand clients’ current and future IT needs and can quickly provide recommendations on the best solutions.

We’re delighted by EBQ’s acquisition of TechVAR and see it as an opportunity to grow our advisor team, assist a larger customer base with technology placement, and meet the needs of those customers more efficiently than ever.

Kenley Ganem VP of Sales at TechVAR
Ultimately, EBQ’s forward-looking acquisition of TechVAR brings to each company an increase in resources, a larger team, and an expansion of services all under one roof to provide seamless, holistic support for clients.