How the EBQ Sales Team Acquires Clients

EBQ Sales Team Means Success

  • So you’ve started a business and now you’re looking to find some clients to help…where do you begin?
  • How does the EBQ Sales Team acquire and keep clients?
EBQ Lead Generation Works For Your Sales Team by offering effective b2b appointment setting techniques and services and professionals that will call your prospects on behalf of your organization.

How to Get Clients

Blog + Search Engine Optimization

A blog helps to define your market and provide insightful information that customers care about and want to interact with.  Establish and cater to your blog, making sure that the content is that of what your clients would be interested.  Another important aspect of blogging is achieving organic search engine optimization, which requires catering your content to contain “keywords” that your potential clients would be searching on Google, Yahoo!, etc.

Define a Target Market

Start by defining a target audience for your business so that you can produce content most likely to interest and help ideal clients.  Then instead of chasing clients, generate a unique report, white paper, or case study that shows potential clients that you know what you’re doing.

Surprise Clients by “Going the Extra Mile”

It’s easy to complete what’s expected from clients, but what will really intrigue clients is the ability and desire to “do more.”  Clients want to feel special and want you to want to take care of their needs.  Proving your dedication to customer service will encourage clients to continue working with you.

Focus on Solutions

Sometimes instead of focusing on solutions and showing clients the value of a product, you might show them your perceived benefits of the product itself.  For instance, instead of telling audiences about all the details of a bike you’re selling, tell them how they will enjoy riding and commuting on their bike.


One of the easiest (and fastest) ways to build a clientele is by making use of your clients who know others who would largely benefit from your services.  When your customers are happy about your work they are more than willing to offer you referrals.  But remember that in order to get referrals, you must ask!

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