EBQ Sales Experts, The Epic Struggle

Sales and marketing. They both need each other but are often times unnecessarily disconnected; of two minds with two wildly different ways of reaching the same goal. In a perfect world, marketing would spearhead a robust outbound effort that then generated qualified leads for the sales team to close and turn into revenue. However, we all know this is not always the case. The marketing team is like the Air Force. Their goal is to reach as many people as possible and so they often times see only the bird’s-eye view. On the other hand, the sales team usually can’t simply wait around for a new marketing campaign to shake something loose and so they are on the ground doing their own prospecting.

So, what happens to those marketing qualified leads (MQLs)? What happens to the top of the pipeline? Where is the lead generation? It gets neglected. But why do these marketing leads stagnate and fail?  Here are the four most common reasons:

  • Representatives are too busy closing their own pipeline now and aren’t worried about projected sales, what’s coming down the pipe in ninety days or more, or filling the top of the funnel. This creates a void or a bubble in the pipeline.
  • The representatives view the marketing-generated leads as unqualified. They don’t have very high expectations for the leads delivered and assume they’re not targeted towards a particular type of prospect or they’re simply unfiltered. Maybe this is just an assumption on the part of the sales team, or perhaps it’s true. Either way, this is a big waste of marketing dollars.
  • A disconnect is created between the marketing department and the sales force. The marketing efforts become largely ineffective and all the money that is being spent is essentially being thrown away with almost no feedback in closing the loop. This also wastes company resources.
  • With most marketing campaigns, there is no formal follow-up process. This is a focus issue that most companies have to deal with. Sending out a massive direct mail or email campaign is worth nothing is there is no procedure in place for dealing with responses or interest.

Companies seek EBQ’s help because we are experts at helping to fill the often-neglected top of the sales funnel.  We guarantee success in this task through our proven “department” approach, wherein our clients receive a self-maintained team of fractional resources. We don’t just designate one professional to each of our clients, we assign each client a complete department of specialists.

This team is made up of a specialized manager responsible for managing the dials and the appointments we are setting, lead generation specialists who are on the phones working to deliver results, and a success manager who oversees the vision and direction of the project in collaboration with the client. With the department structure, leads never stagnate because that is our sole focus.

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