Don’t Waste MQL Response Time

Make sure nothing falls through the cracks with an EBQ Lead Generation team.

Your sales reps don’t have the time to follow up with Marketing Qualified Leads. But we do. Like any other company initiative, a marketing campaign’s success is ultimately measured by how much interest it generates. But those coveted MQLs (and the money spent to gain them) is effectively wasted without a lead generation team dedicated to following up.

This is where EBQ comes in. Our lead generation specialists can be on the phone daily for your company, setting appointments for your sales reps and making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Your EBQ team will…

  • Work with you to craft messaging aligned with your overall strategy
  • Conduct outbound calling efforts on your company’s behalf
  • Set valuable meetings for your sales people to work to close
  • Send calendar invites, facilitate warm hand-offs to your reps and even work to reschedule any meetings that do not take place
EBQ Outsourced Lead Generation Team offers EBQ Lead Generation Works For Your Sales Team by offering effective b2b appointment setting techniques and services and professionals that will call your prospects on behalf of your organization.EBQ Complete Transparency for our clients