Close Revenue Growth Gaps with EBQ

EBQ can close revenue gaps for B2B

There are three main sources of revenue growth for companies. The first for most companies is also the easiest. When a company is in its early stages, growth typically comes from referrals and customers the company already knows. These relationship-based sales can often get a company to revenue mark around one or two million dollars. To grow beyond that, a company needs to employ other sources of revenue. Tradeshows, leads coming from the Internet via search engines, and similar inbound sources make up the second main source of income.

EBQ Closes Revenue Growth Gaps for B2B

Making cold calls, or outbound marketing efforts, is the third source. Outbound lead generation is where EBQuickstart is focused and helps companies. Lead generators reach prospects every day to uncover latent needs and identify pain points, and then drive that prospect to a calendar appointment for a deep dive with a subject matter expert. Growing with the correct blend of these revenue sources can be a challenge. The source with the greatest growth potential is the outbound source – making the cold calls and generating new leads.

The challenge with the outbound source is the need for fractional resources. You need to build a team with the resources and capability to manage the projects and create lists, and have a staff of professional, knowledgeable sales representatives who can make the calls and deliver the message. At EBQuickstart, we call this team of resources your “department” and we provide it to all of our clients. Each company gets a team of professionals. The “department” has a specialized manager overseeing the day-to-day progress, a success manager focused on the overall success of the project, and specialists making cold calls. Our “department” approach is successful in building the outbound sources of revenue because it includes all of the resources needed to identify, build and nurture relationships with potential prospects.